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Lawsuit: Woman hospitalized for bacteria-tainted Subway sandwiches

By Eleni Demertzis, The Lombard Spectator

Friday, 12 March 2010

A lawsuit filed Friday accuses a west suburban Subway restaurant of serving bacteria-tainted food, claiming a woman was hospitalized after eating there. It is the second suit filed in connection with a an outbreak of the Shigella sonnei bacteria linked to the restaurant.

Barbara Romero ate toasted chicken and onion teriyaki sandwiches from the Subway at 1009 E. Roosevelt Rd. in Lombard on Feb. 23 and Feb. 25, and started to feel sick on Feb. 27, according to the suit filed in DuPage County Circuit Court.

Romero was hospitalized from Feb. 27 through March 2 because the sandwich was contaminated with Shigella sonnei -- a potentially lethal bacteria, according to a release from the Marler Clark lawfirm.

The DuPage County Health Dept. closed the Subway on March 4 after receiving multiple reports of "severe" gastrointestinal illness from patrons, according to the release.

Health officials have confirmed at least 21 cases of Shigella sonnei poisoning linked to the food, and seven of those people were hospitalized (including Romero), the suit said.

The three-count suit claims product liability, negligence, breach of warranty and seeks an undisclosed sum in damages.

On March 9, Ron and Sarah Bowers filed a suit claiming they they purchased a meal for their child -- identified only as JB -- from the Subway.

The child began exhibiting signs of discomfort and illness on Feb. 27, the suit claims. Sarah Bowers took her son to the pediatrician on March 1 after he became so dehydrated he fainted, and he was also confirmed to have the bacteria.

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