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Wheaton couple suing over Subway food poisoning

The Daily Herald, March 9, 2009

by Jake Griffin

A Wheaton couple filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Lombard Subway restaurant that was recently closed because of a food poisoning outbreak they claim sickened their 12-year-old son.

Ron and Sarah Bowers are seeking unspecified reimbursement for medical costs, legal costs and possible punitive damages from the restaurant, which they allege was negligent in preparing food for the boy.

The couple's Seattle-based attorney Drew Falkenstein said his firm specializes in food-borne illness litigation and has been contacted by eight to 10 other families who had members sickened at the eatery. The Bowers' suit is the first one filed in connection with the outbreak of shigella that caused the restaurant to be shut down by the DuPage County Health Department. It was filed Tuesday, Falkenstein said.

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