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Souplantation Shigella Outbreak

Ventura County Public Health was notified on June 22, 2017 of an unusually high number of Shigella cases occurring in the county. To identify the source of these infections, Ventura County Public Health conducted interviews with individuals infected with Shigella. Many of the cases interviewed reported having eaten at Souplantation located at 375 West Ventura Boulevard in Camarillo, California. This prompted Ventura County Environmental Health to conduct facility inspections of the Souplantation restaurant. However, inspections did not reveal a specific food item as the source of the outbreak. Ventura County Public Health also interviewed employees and collected stool samples to investigate a possible human source of the outbreak.

As of June 23, 2017, there were eight individuals with laboratory evidence of Shigella infection associated with the Souplantation restaurant outbreak (Outbreak ID#OB2017963). All cases were infected with Shigella flexneri (Group B).

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